Are you or someone you know a Macaron fan?


Have you or someone you know ever wanted to make French macarons or even attempted to make them? They can be a doozy if attempting alone, insert the Macaron Starter Kit! 


Complete with just about everything you need to successfully bake your own macarons at home, including an EXCLUSIVE ONLINE VIDEO TUTORAL WITH WHISK ATX . This thoughtfully curated kit comes in a giftable designed box ready to be experienced by all macaron enthusiasts! 



-Dry ingredients to make 24 macarons: Almond flour, powered sugar, granulated sugar

-1 Reusable piping bag

-2 disposable piping bags

-Piping tip

-The Sugar Art powdered food coloring jar

-Micro measuring spoon

-Borderlands Bakery Piping bag clip and scribe

-Oven thermometer

-Circle piping template

-2 silicon mats

-2  Whisk ATX filling recipes

-Whisk ATX never before shared Macaron Shell recipe

-Exclusive online baking tutorial to watch as many times as you'd like.

Orders placed after Nov 22nd will be shipped out the week of December 6th. We do not guarantee any arrival date and are not responsible for lost or damaged packages but will do our best to work together.