Where can I get my Whisk Fix?

Whisk ATX is a South Austin Based home baker, and accepts weekly orders, custom orders and on occassion participates in farmers markets and events!

Do you do weddings & other events?

Of course! We love to celebrate all of lifes happenings, from birthdays to weddings and corporate events. We even consider getting through your week an event, so cheers and order up! Fill out the custom order form here.

How much do they cost?

How do I order?

Right here on the website! Look at the top right corner of the page...yep! Fill out the order form and you are that much closer to receiving your macs. For custom orders please go to the home page of the website and fill out the form there. 

Single Mac: $2.50

Half dozen (6): $15

Dozen (12): $25

Message us for custom elements such as air brush, personalization, monogram, special packaging or other custom requests! 

noun_Gluten Free_1666364_edited.png

Are macarons gluten free?

How do I pay?

For all orders we accept cash, check, venmo, and CC. (note tax will be added on all CC transactions. 

YES! Macarons are naturally gluten free as they are simply made with egg whites, powdered sugar, sugar, and almond flour. NOTE some flavors may not be gluten free due to ingredients in the filling. Example: cookies and cream is not GF.